Let’s talk about the word “NO!” Specifically, let’s talk about the abuse of the word.

Ladies, if you go to a club and you’re dressed nice, maybe a slight V-neck in the dress, show off the party hats a little, but keeping it classy, and a slobbish drunken fool, comes up to you and says something along these lines, “Heya baby, lets bang your boots off!” In this particular scenario, the use of “NO!” is valid……..HOWEVER, when you go to any gathering of any sort, large or small, and you’re half naked, ass out, sweater balloons about to burst and a man comes up to hit on you, he is not wrong for assuming, that you want dick. why? because you’re dressed like a fucking hooker, idiot. your tits are wide out in the open but you get mad when a man looks at them? You hypocritical ass monkey, THATS WHY YOU WORE THE FUCKING OUTFIT!!!! you didn’t wear it strictly to feel sexy, you wore it  to get sexual attention. Now you have that attention and all the shit that comes with that attention, you’re not empowering yourself by dressing like this and then turning down every man that looks at you, in truth you’re degrading yourself in every respect imaginable, the man isn’t the problem, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! your mentality is the issue. Here is the drill ladies, dress how you want to be approached. Want a man to respectfully approach you? Talk about your interests? your hopes and dreams? your fucking dog, nibbles? Dress like a fucking human being! Don’t dress like a fucking hag slut, and then wonder why men degrade you. Men are stupid, sex driven, creatures. We do not form thoughts of you all by ourselves. We form our approach and thought process, almost entirely on how much of your sexy goodies we can get an eyeful of.

Let’s break it down nice and simple like,

  • NO, you can not show up to a party, place, function, or otherwise, half naked, and get mad when men approach you.
  • NO, you do not get to call every man who does hit on you a misogynist rapist.
  • NO, you do not get to grind your ass on a man’s crotch, and act like a succubus, and then call the man a pig because he thinks he’s getting laid.

So, to the end this little tirade, I ‘ll leave you with this:


Now shut up and bitch about this post.




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