Let’s just get this unbe-fucking-lievable shit right out-of-the-way, shall we?

I truly, sincerely, do not understand this complete horse shit.

Fat people, “I’m happy with how i look, curves are beautiful!” If you’re 300lbs and stuffing a Twinkie covered hoagie down your gullet, you’re not fucking beautiful. You’re not fucking healthy. That isn’t “body shaming” as you would so love to call it, it’s plain fact. You can not power down six burgers, a shake, and a dozen fries, and then tell me you’re beautiful. you’re morbidly fucking obese and unhealthy. ASSHOLE.

Skinny people, “I’m 60lbs at 5’4, I’m elegant.”  Um, fucking no. You look like a starving third world child, for 20 cents a day, I COULD FUCKING FEED YOU. Eat a god damned sandwich, eat a piece of candy, fuck, eat anything!

OK so i know what you’re thinking “T.T. how can you tell people they’re fat and then encourage unhealthy eating?” Well dim wit, because these are two stark contrasts of our unhealthy society and what we  as a collective deem beautiful, you shit heads.

Get healthy. eat healthy, exercise. I know “T.T. my Dr. says because of my condition i should limit my activities.” FUCK YOU, LIAR! No doctor on the god damned planet is going to encourage you to do nothing!

Let’s wrap this one up,

Eating is healthy, it’s fun, it’s down right delicious. Eating five hundred fucking subs is disgusting. COMMON FUCKING SENSE. There is a middle ground between 60lbs and 600lbs, my suggestion as a non-medical professional, FUCKING FIND IT!

Problem? tell it to the tattle turtle, I don’t give a shit.


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