Bad Argument Hippie 25032016094256

Oh children, dear children,

This has been a sore spot with me for sometime, I really wanted to make sure I tear these shit heads down properly. “T.T. what is an eco-warrior?” What a handsome looking question, let me tell you.

Eco-warriors are the schmucks who see a rain forest being destroyed and put up something like #Savethefuckingtrees. Problem with this is that it fucking works! The public latches onto these hash-tags like sheep brained fucking leeches,without understanding the bigger picture.

That rain forest you just saved, had a wealth of natural resources underneath, way to go gas just went up by a buck a gallon! Oh, and the locals in that forest, literally want to skin and fucking eat you. Get the point here? People as a whole are small brained idiots who want to keep a pretty forest but still get gas for cheap. HEY! ASSHOLE!

Where the fuck do you think this shit comes from? Little fairy floating around sprinkling magical resource dust on shit? GROW UP! You can’t go around condemning big business, preaching behind a fucking Starbucks cup.

I know, “T.T. we are only trying to preserve Nature’s beauty and stop the exploitation of great mother earth.” Well, hippie fuck, you don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. Sure you drive a hybrid, thinking that your helping the environment, problem is, that fucking shit heap car is made in a factory where the resources you’re saving, are used to fucking make it! Hypocritical? YOU BET YOUR DUMB ASS IT IS.

I’m gonna wrap this up, mostly because you shit birds aren’t worth the effort.

You want that Starbucks? That pair of heels? That fucking Scruncci holding your hair back?


You wanna save mother earth? Leave your fucking house and all the amenities that come with it and try to survive nature, you dumb hippie prick.

Wanna bitch about the environment? Tell it to the fucking turtle.


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