Alright kids, today is a good one. We’re going to cover a few different categories, all involving “Equality”, that are gonna rattle your little shit fed mind. Try and keep up.

Over the past few months I’ve been hearing this word “Equality” a lot, it’s baffling. The news “Equality”, the paper “Equality”, award shows “Equality”, for fucks sake what the hell is not equal? So let’s break it down one by one.

I’m gonna start with the supposed lack of gay rights, mainly LGBT. I don’t see what isn’t equal here, you can get married, you can pay taxes, you can vote, you can be miserable like everyone fucking else. I’m aware it was not always this way and many injustices were suffered, i get it, shut the fuck up about it. I know, you’re thinking “Fuck you T.T. you don’t know what we suffered through to get here”. You’re right and wrong, Do I know firsthand? no. Have i had to listen to people piss and fucking moan about it for the past decade? FUCKING YES. At this point I can’t help but think that you just don’t know how to move past, well, the fucking past. You have marriage and all the shit that comes with that and now i hear on the news that you’re fighting for a “Transgender” (un-wad your fucking panties about the quote, I’m not up to date on the latest P.C. term) middle school CHILD to get a special bathroom for transgender only? Fucking why? Correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m not, but isn’t your whole fight for equality? you’re fucking segregating yourselves!!

Let’s move on.

Woman’s rights, wage gap, yadda blah blah.

Simply put, you’re fucking wrong.

Women who fought for the right to vote, drive a car, leave the fucking kitchen, are spitting at you right now. The equality those women fought for was justified, you fight for men to be locked in a cage until procreation. I know! “T.T. I just don’t think you understand, as a male you could not possibly comprehend what we are going through as women in today’s patriarchal society.” You’re absolutely correct, in all my years on this earth, i have never understood the crazy fucking bat shit floating about women’s minds. Patriarchal society? Are you fucking crazy? Every single male on this planet walks on fucking egg shells, for the sole purpose of never pissing his lady off. A song quote “Who run the world? GIRLS!” – Fucking Beyoncé. Sure sounds patriarchal to me, I can’t fathom how you women have survived such a misogynistic world for so long! That’s, sarcasm.

So let’s wrap this kids, today is about as equal as it’s ever going to get. You suffer none, literally FUCKING ZERO of the real injustices people in history have had to suffer through. You piss and moan about luxuries, not necessities. Sack up assholes, life ain’t so bad.


Got a problem with this post? I know you fucking do. Tell it to the Tattle Turtle below.



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