Oh man! Strap in kids, I got some knowledge to lay down!


Oh I know you’re edgy and cool, with these black and whites of Marylin, maybe an empowering statement attached to it. IT’S A FUCKING LIE! Most of this shit you throw around as a quote, is not a real fucking quote. This is a woman who fucked all of Hollywood and then some! Yet you use her as a icon for feminism and empowerment? So, what i gather is that a woman’s power lies on her back between her legs? SERIOUSLY?!

Ladies, you make a FUCKING HUMAN BEING inside of you, yet you want your empowerment to come from the most famous sleep around girl? I can not fathom why this is every young Fem-Nazi’s go to, because she’s beautiful? How about Hillary Clinton? I know her politics are shit, and she’s as pretty as a deformed bull, but talk about strong! SHE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE FREE WORLD!

Feminist around the world want to be seen as more then just a sexual object, more then just a pretty face, “Judge me by my mind not my aesthetic.” Stop using a sex symbol as you’re fucking idol then! You dolts! There are thousands, upon thousands, of other candidates you could use. Are any of them beautiful? Fuck no. Are any of them edgy? Wrong again. Are any of them intelligent, who stand on the merit of their mind and not their tits? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY!!

I know “T.T. , that is not our idol, learn more about feminism and who we support before you write this shit next time.” Oh I read up plenty, EVERY SINGLE site,article, or otherwise, uses this woman as a spokes person. It is absolutely counter-productive and absurd that your campaign for validation of the mind over your bodies is front run by a sex symbol.

I’m gonna wrap this shit up,

PICK A NEW FUCKING SYMBOL! You’re not edgy, it’s not progressive, and it’s not a symbol of feminism. It’s fucking ridiculous.

I know your fucking panties are wound so tight your asshole is bleeding, tell it to the fucking turtle.




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