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I hear this all the god damn time, “T.T. my significant other and I are having problems, we just don’t get along anymore.” Well nut sack, have you tried talking to your significant other? No? Think we found your problem knob goblin.

This issue is an absolute fucking plague, couples piss and fucking whine to their friends or family about issues they have with their boyfriend or girlfriend but refuse to discuss the problem with their partner. Here is an idea you fucking genius, sack up and talk to your fucking partner. Go no holds barred, balls to the fucking wall deep into the issues you have.

Got a boyfriend with hygienic issues? Here is what you do, walk into the room and say “Babe your balls fucking stink like rotting meat garbage.” I know, I know “T.T. that’s mean and will just make him angry.” Life is tough tell garbage balls to man up, or you won’t be putting your mouth on that stinking sperm sack.

Girlfriend who complains about everything and does not want to hear your problems? Solution time! “hey honey, do me a favor? Shut the fuck up for five seconds and let someone else talk, OK?” I know guys, “T.T. that’s disrespectful and she might leave me.” What’s disrespectful is a one sided support system, if she leaves you then shes a harpy on your back you don’t need.

The point here kids, you got to talk to your partner if you want to get a problem solved. Yes, sometimes it will result in a break up, know what that means? ALL THE HOT STRANGE YOU CAN FIND! Sometimes it will result in a big grudge match fight; probably shouldn’t of stewed in that anger so long. Either way it’s gonna be much better than being a miserable fuck for the rest of your god damned life.

Let’s summarize,

Knuckle down people, shit is gonna get real anytime feelings stand to get hurt. Stop acting like a martyr by sacrificing your happiness so your jagg-a-loon partner doesn’t have to face down a demon.

Don’t like my life advice? Tell it to the fucking turtle below, while your partner shrieks at you for hogging the computer.



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