Been on Youtube lately? How about Vine? Thousands upon thousands of these children doing insanely fucked up things to each other and you laugh, you show it to your friends, you fucking like it. All these videos are missing one crucial element though- THE FUCKING PARENTS!

Listen up scum nuts, when your kid pops out of the cabinet and blows an air horn in your face, the appropriate response is not to tell them what a “fucking idiot” they are. The better choice would be good old fashioned revenge. Sneak into johnny numb nuts’ room, hide under the bed, and when he comes tip toeing in for beddy bye time, you reach out, grab his fucking ankles and teach him a damned lesson.

The most popular video I keep seeing is these kids who thinks its god damned hilarious to be disrespectful to their parents on camera. These kids swear, slap, flip the bird, and walk away laughing it up. Don’t worry parents, Uncle Turtle is coming to help you out. I know what you’re thinking “T.T. what can i do?” the answer is simple, jack ass, you give little sally sticky slit a slap upside the head and smash that fucking phone to bits in front of her freshly smacked face. Dont start with the “T.T. are you promoting the abuse of children?” Did i tell you to come home after a bad day, get loaded, and kick the kid around the house? No you fucking dolt.

It’s called discipline. Somewhere along the lines, the public at large in all their brillance, said it was no longer OK to discipline your child. Don’t yell at little Timmy, he might grow up and have depression. Don’t give little Nancy a smack, she might grow up with violent tendencies. SACK THE FUCK UP!

I hear you I do “T.T., I don’t want my child to hate me!” You’re a parent not a fucking play pal asshole. If your kid doesn’t hate you, YOU’RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB! Kids don’t like rules, they don’t like boundries, but just like you need good ‘ole  T.T. here to walk you through your god forsaken life, they need you to set them.


Let”s wrap this shit up!

Stop babying these shit stained little bastards, give them an old school dose of discipline. Other wise little Frankie fuck stick is gonna wind up being the next T.T.

Got a problem with me telling  you how to parent? Sack up and tell it to the fucking turtle.


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