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I’m at the corner store today, buying a pack of smokes and a drink. Generally being awesome, as I tend to do. I go up to the counter and this beauty school drop out is staring back at me, like me being at her register is some how inconveniencing her fucking day. I put my items up on the counter and this vacant eyed harpy stares at the counter, as if she is trying to decide weather or not scanning my shit is worth her fucking time. She scans my stuff in and gives me my total, 19.94. I hand her a $20, she glares at the bill in my  hand, because having a computer do the math and handing me my change is such a huge fucking hassle. She takes the money and proceeds to ask me “Do you want your change?”


You don’t get a tip, you fucking lotto slinging cunt. I know what you’re thinking “T.T. it’s just six cents, whats the big deal?” It’s MY fucking six cents, you have done nothing, not even the basics of your fucking job. I.E. Being courteous to the customer, having a mildly pleasant attitude and generally not being a sack of shit, to make me want to give you MY six cents.

This is not the only time this shit happens, the coffee monkeys around the corner do the same shit. YOU POURED LIQUID INTO A FUCKING CUP. You have done nothing tip worthy.

Before you start with the whole “Well T.T. they make most of their money from tips.” Get a new job then! Millions of hard working people, work a job that is far more tip worthy than you handing me a cup of coffee. Don’t make enough money busing tables or slinging coffee? Re-evaluate your life and get a new god damned career. I missed the memo where it became the coffee and corner store shoppers responsibility to make sure your poorly educated ass has enough Ramen fucking noodles to eat tonight.

To summarize :

Yes people will always want their change.

No you have done nothing to make me want to give you free money.

No I don’t give a fuck how much money you make.


Sling coffee? Mad I insulted your noble profession? Sack up and tell it to the tattle turtle.



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