Stop what you’re doing right now. Look around the room, count how many people have their faces buried in a cell phone,tablet, electronic device. Did you count yourself? Good, I knew you weren’t as dumb as you look.

Let’s jump right in here.

I look around at the world today and i can’t help but notice the amount of people taking it all in through a screen. Gone are the days of having an actual conversation, it’s been replaced with texting. Gone are the days of getting actual face time, it’s been replaced with,well, Facetime. What happened to handing out personal invitations to social gatherings? Fucking Facebook happened.

Everyone has decided that this great ever evolving technology should replace actual living. I know what you’re thinking “T.T. aren’t you sitting in front of a screen right now typing this?” NO SHIT SHERLOCK, how the fuck else do you get through to a generation of brain dead twitter-holics? NOT BY TALKING!

Ever try putting that device down for a day? I don’t mean on silent in your pocket, I mean turned off put away in a drawer somewhere. You wouldn’t last five fucking minutes before the shakes set in and you spent the day puking out your tweets to a toilet bowl. It’s pathetic.

I was at a dinner the other night and it truly set in. I looked around the table and saw people literally texting each other two feet away. WHAT THE FUCK?! Is this really what our world has devolved into? I know what you’re saying to yourself right now “I bet this asshole T.T. is just as bad as I am.” No numb nuts, no one is as bad as you are right now, faced smashed into a screen reading this as you attempt to judge the turtle. Laughable.

Let’s summerize before you walk into traffic and get hit by a bus.

Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, the evening T.V.?

The answer is simple here kids, put the damn device down. Take a day, a hour, hell one fucking minute and take a look at what you’re missing. Sometimes it can surprise you more than that topless picture of your neighbor, you know the one pervert.

Don’t like me talking about your neighbor? Want to say “Go fuck yourself?” Sack up and tell it to the fucking turtle.


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