Check the news kids, this is a real thing. Your children are going to school in a age where educators have said “FUCK MATH AND ENGLISH AND BASIC LIFE SKILLS! LET’S TEACH FUCKING YOGA!” Namaste assholes.

This one took me a while to digest, schools around the U.S. are now taking time out of the day, from grade school to high school, to enjoy some mother fucking yoga. YOGA! These kids are now rolling out the mats and having a good old fashioned deep fucking breathing time.

Now let’s all stop for a second and think about where yoga originated. I’ll spare you the boring bits of hocus pocus and break it down pretty simple. Yoga is a form of Hinduism,  “The essence of yoga is to reach oneness with god” – Pattabhi Jois. The heavy religious background tied to yoga is where my problem and yours should lay.

Most schools today no longer say the pledge of allegiance, they no longer allow catholic practices, Christmas becomes the holidays, you get the point. Despite this heavy handed religious choke out, kids are being fed yoga fucking nonsense? Crystals having healing powers, stretch and breath your fucking problems away. They are being taught forms of fucking Hinduism while simultaneously having the other religions choked the fuck out!

A school in Georgia recently ran into some hot water for this very reason. they started up a yoga program and after a short time and some sincerely pissed off parents, they have had to change the name to “Relaxation and Breathing” and have had to ban namaste from the school. “Relaxation and Breathing”? Changing the name changes the religious under tones? FUCKING BRILLIANT! If only someone had tipped the Romans off to that.

Time, along with my patience is fucking up.

Time for the wrap up,

SCHOOL IS NOT FOR THE TEACHINGS OF EASTERN RELIGIONS! Teach these shit stains how to read and write, then let them find out about the rest of the shit themselves.


Are you a fucking yogi? Name-stay the fuck down below and tell it to the turtle.


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