I’m watching the news over the past few mornings, and I see the same stories over and over again. Stories about nurses carrying Narcan in middle and high schools, twelve-year-old girls being hand cuffed and taken to court for pinching a boy’s ass, and the only thing i can wonder is, when the fuck did all authority figures get stripped of their power? When will enough be enough and you give it back?

I want everyone to stop for a minute, close your eyes and think back to a time when teachers were allowed to rap a child on the knuckles for being a douche bag in class. A time when spanking your child was a perfectly acceptable form of discipline. I want you all to really analyze this period of time, look at crime rates, look at the graduation statisics, look at the college enrollment numbers. Got it all in your head? good. Now nuke the fuck out of it, destroy every single last trace of it and you are now in today’s era.

Take a good long look at today’s world. Crime rates are higher than ever, with most of those crimes being comitted by children under the age of 17. Highschool drop out numbers are absolutely astronomical. College completion? HA! Purely laughable. Now I want everyone to ask themselve why this is. The answer is simple.

At some point or another society decided that spanking, knuckle rapping, punishment in general was doing more harm than good, that talking to your child and being a sensitive progressive parent was far more effective. They were fucking wrong.

What you have managed to do is handcuff every single authoritive figure on the planet, why should a child listen to a teacher? Why not tell them to go fuck themselves? What are they going to do, suspend you? You didnt want to be in school anyway. So now this kid goes home and has to face their parents, what happens? FUCKING NOTHING. A stern finger wagging? Big fucking deal.

The day needs to be brought back, smack the fucking child across the mouth and teach them respect, hard work, discipline, not how to use a fucking I-pod and the importance of “feelings”.

The wrap up here is short and sweet, give these little pricks the fear they used to have, take back some fucking authority and be a real god damned parent.

401 words telling you what a fuck tard you are, pick 10 of them and tell it to the fucking turtle below.


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