I have been hesitant to tackle this issue. No, not out of fear of backlash. I wanted to make sure that everyone had adequate time to fully see what this nonsensical bullshit actually is.

There are two genders in this world, and only two. There is the Male and the Female. THAT’S IT! “Trans” is not a fucking gender, no matter how hard you assholes try, you can not fight your DNA. What you choose to identify with is completely irrelevant, you are either male or female, you are not “Trans”. If you wake up and figure out that you identify as a woman, great, call yourself a fucking woman if that’s what you’d like but do not sit here segregate yourself as a “Transgender Woman” and then act like the world is discriminating against you.

I know what your thinking “T.T. what does this have to do with the bathroom issue?” Relax dick bag I’m getting to it.

The bathroom issue is in fact, not an issue at all. It’s the privilege epidemic at its absolute purest. Please explain to me why you deserve a special bathroom labeled Transgender for men and women. The answer is, you don’t. Brace yourselves, you aren’t going to enjoy this next part. You may use the bathroom that has been pre-assigned to you by nature. Not the bathroom that you have decided to identify with, yes folks, it’s a fucking choice. You do not get to sit here toss your choice in everyone’s face and act like we all owe you something. We don’t.

Every single transgender story I have ever seen, paints these folks up like the greatest heroes and martyrs of all time, all the while dancing around the use of “Gender Defining” Pronouns such as He,She,Dude,Chick,etc. Lets get clear, those words used to describe a gender are going NOWHERE, they don’t need to.

As far as I can see, Transgender people are receiving support in excessive amounts, so let’s not pretend like you are a downtrodden, oppressed group of people. You have literally faced ZERO injustices, and I know “T.T. what about the anti-discrimination bill that didn’t pass hmm?” Well shit stick, explain to me what discrimination you face in today’s world that warrants a bill like that to be passed? zero, is the correct answer, fucking zero.

Before everyone tells me what a small,scared person I am, allow me to explain just why this gets me so angry. Let’s go ahead and use the gay and lesbian comunity for this argument. Gay and Lesbian people, entitled though they may be, have faced real discrimination, real injustice, real abuse. They were forced to hide from the world, quite literally. Why? Because they would be beaten, spit on, and comdemned. Until recently, they were denied the human right of misery in the form of marriage, but you have it bad huh? I am certain one hundred and fifty percent positive, the “Trans Community” has faced nothing of this caliber.

So listen up, because I am only going to scream this shit at you once.


It really isn’t, the “Trans Community” has no idea how good they have it and how bad it could be. I am going to offer one last bit of perspective for you, if a gay man back in the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s, are you getting the point there? Had come out as publicly and in your fucking face as caitlyn jenner they would have been hung from the rafters, fucking literally, Caitlyn was met with awards and praise for her “Heroism”.

I’m not going to sum all this up in a pretty little bow for you today, I am going to end it just like this.

Life could be worse, Grow the fuck up.

Tell it to the fucking turtle he’s the only one listening.


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