Feminist everywhere! Listen the fuck up and wad those panties in a knot, you and the turtle gotta have a talk. I have been seeing a lot of you folk popping up like weeds lately, and I know I have been less than kind, maybe even a downright bastard to you guys (oops, trigger?) in the past, but I am here today with a sincere question ladies.


I know I’ve touched on this a bit before, but this time I wanna really get into it. Do you feminist have any idea what you’re fighting for at this point? I hear the words rape culture,patriarchal, and woman-hater thrown around quite a bit, but what I don’t hear is any reasoning behind the words. So, what we are gonna do today is go through just a few of the many, confusing and often times ridiculous, causes that modern age feminists fight for.


Rape Culture is a favorite of today’s modern feminist. Wondering what that is? Join the fucking club, even feminist aren’t sure, but I’ll tell you what I know. Feminist would like you to believe, rape culture is a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. Feminists here are saying that rape  can be perpetrated without there actually being any kind of forced penetration, this includes “Cat Calling”, talking to a woman who has not first initiated a conversation, and generally invading a woman’s space with any kind of approach that is less than groveling. I think survivors of actual rape, ya know, people (No ladies it isn’t just you) who have had a horrific act forced upon them, might fucking disagree with your cause. I would also like to remind all of you woman of a little Iraqi law that was posed in 2014, ya know, the one that legalized rape and allowed the marriage to nine-year old girls, but fucking cat calling is the issue here huh?


Oh ladies,ladies,ladies. This one makes me crazy, whenever I hear you people yelling your heads off about how men dominate this profession or that one, do you forget that women dominate professions of their own? Yes, it’s true that jobs in areas of manual labor,law enforcement, and medicine are primarily occupied by men. Ladies, you too dominate profession’s that men fail at, professions such as, nursing, child care, and areas of mental health. This isn’t because of sexism you god damn bone heads, women are naturally better care givers and natural nurturer’s where as men are better equipped to handle manual labor and situations that may call for public protection. Is this true for every single woman and every single man on the planet? Fuck no idiot, there will always be exceptions to the  rule.


Now I know this title may not be directly said but allow me to explain. Little bullshit causes have been popping up over the past couple years, that lead me to believe that a totalitarian dictatorship is what feminists are truly after. Causes like #banbossy, started by Beyoncé, ya know the woman who made her entire career by selling sexuality and her body. This hash tag is proposing a ban on the word “Bossy” because celebrity women and their fucking lackeys believe this word discourages women from taking positions of power out of fear of being called bossy. Yes, you read that right, billionaire fucking starlets who hold power in the highest, think that the word bossy is discouraging to women. Despite the fact that this is in fact a way to try to control thought and speech, don’t fucking boss me around idiots, I will use whatever colorful words I choose to, stop being so fucking bossy.

Lastly we have my absolute favorite. This one was a call from feminists to ban men from being able to sit with legs spread open, they would like for men to sit knees together or crossed as a man’s spread legs not only invades their space but makes them uncomfortable as well. However as women make this absurd argument they also make an argument for women to be able to breast feed in public and march their protests half and more often fully nude on public streets. I’m going to tackle those one at a time and I’ll start with breast-feeding in public settings. I don’t have a problem with this per say  but I can certainly see how this could make some uncomfortable, I’m sitting here eating dinner at a restaurant and at the table next to me a woman whips her tit out throws a blanket over her and the baby and continues on as if nothing is wrong, is she wrong? Debatable. Is she wrong as she hypocritically calls for men to sit a certain way while making this argument? FUCKING RIGHT KIDS! As for the woman who protest being objectified half-naked or completely naked in streets, grow the fuck up. These idiots, are completely wrong, aside from children being present it is a violation to everyone forced to look at you, this was not invited, this was not wanted, guess what ladies by your own logic you are raping the people around you by forcing them to witness you naked, I believe your actions would be in direct violation of your own supposed “Rape Culture.”

Lets wrap this up,

I have said it once and I will say it again, today’s world is about as equal as it is ever going to get. What you feminists are fighting for is not equality at all, in fact it is the opposite! You seek to gain preferential treatment and to be seen as superior.You wish to live in a world where men’s rights are dictated by the female’s emotional state that day. Understand this feminists, while you stomp around seeking your “rights” you trample on the rights of everyone who doesn’t agree with you.

Sack up ladies, shit just got real. Don’t like it? Screech to the fucking turtle below.




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