The all in-fucking-clusive. You dip shits really take the cake in hypocrisy, you not only manage to force your beliefs on the world, ya know that thing you don’t want anyone else doing, but you manage to EXCLUDE any one who doesn’t agree with your ALL INCLUSIVE movement…WHAT?! That opening line is almost the entire point, I don’t feel I should have to write a full article on it but, since you scum bags come here to read a full article I’ll go ahead and break it down.

My editor sent me an article from “Yahoo News” the other day, it was so disgusting that I had to fight the overwhelming urge to go on down to yahoo headquarters and nut punch every fucking moron on the staff. The article itself was not the part that caught my eye, it was the comments, the average Joe sweat monkeys that decided to chirp in. The base of the article was a same sex marriage versus the bible kinda deal. Now, these cum queens saw fit to not only force their beliefs down the general public’s throat, they also thought it would be cool to trample on the beliefs of other people. Real fucking inclusive.

Some of these gems read like this :

“But,but,but.. same sex marriage is unnatural, it says so in this book where serpents talk, virgins give birth and carpenters walk on water.”

So let me get this straight, you want the guy against same sex marriage to give up his core beliefs and take on yours, after you shit on his beliefs? Read that sentence again, I’ll wait.

Figure out the problem there? good. Lets move on.

Curt schilling, oh boy where to begin. Schilling was very recently fired from ESPN, after years of service to them, why? Because he does not believe in transgender folks getting to go into any bathroom they choose. Schilling released a statement that was against a bill for a transgender woman to use the ladies bathroom, the statement was accompanied by a hilarious picture, and ESPN fired him for it. ESPN released a statement saying they are a “Inclusive” company and his conduct was against their “Inclusive” structure. FUCKING HOW?!

You are an INCLUSIVE company, that means by definition you accept people of all race, religion, sexual preference, etc. You do not get to fucking cherry pick who you include, that would make you EXCLUSIVE, proven by the fact that you EXCLUDED this man for holding a different set of values. I know I know, “T.T. he is a public figure who shouldn’t be posting his beliefs on social forums.” Well why the fuck not? Had he gone on Facebook or Twitter and said that he loved transgender people and wanted them to do as they please, every one would be cheering him as a progressive hero. Instead he talked about his PERSONAL belief and was excluded by an inclusive company because of it.

This is cut and dry, you inclusive idiots are a pack of hypocrites. “We include every one…….so long as they agree with us.” You are the exact same as the baptist churches you shit on (Yes Westboro, I’m looking at you.) You want to really be inclusive? First pick up a fucking dictionary and look up what it means, it sure as shit does not mean excluding some one for a belief.

Got a problem with my beliefs? Include it in the comments below and Tell it to the fucking turtle.


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