Thor: Droppin the Hammer for Both Teams!

Have you gone to see the new Thor movie?

Did you see any problems with it? Me neither. Apparently some P.C. white knight thinks differently. 

Buckle the fuck up kids, uncle T.T. is about to crash a knowledge truck right into your brick wall noggins.

Let me get you all up to speed with what is being tossed around the cinema campfire, the general consensus is that “Thor : Ragnarock” is a outstanding movie, being herald as one of the best marvel films to date. The plot, character development and set pieces are all incredible. One of the highest praises given to this movie is in regards to its heroine “Valkyrie.” This is no standard “She really is a fine actress” praise either, the film makers are being praised on their portrayal of a female hero being bad fucking ass. This chick is kicking all kinds of ass throughout the movie, and no she isn’t doing it half naked so tuck your mommy issues pecker away. I have to give credit where it is due, and I am in agreement that there is far too little female heroes out there, more often than not any female in a marvel movie is in a skin tight outfit, fumbling over herself to follow some dick to certain doom. Side note ladies- all dick leads to certain doom. But I digress. Thor managed to portray a female warrior who is nothing but a fucking warrior, no love in her heart, no dick to chase, just pure unadulterated ass whoopings all around. 
Now I know what you’re thinking,

“T.T. it sounds like you have really high praise for this movie, what could possibly be the problem?”

Well my unwiped asshole bastard children, let me tell you.

Down at fucking LGBTQ’s volcanoe hideout, some ass clown has decided that since Valkyrie is a bisexual in the comic books it should have had a huge spotlight shown on it and should have been addressed in the movie. 

No, you soap box standing turd fucker, it shouldn’t have been, and it is not because of sexuality. This very miniscule part of Valkyries character had years to be developed and shown in the comic books, it was not enough of a plot point to include in the movie, it would have been off putting and completely shoe horned in. 

So why include sexuality in a movie about a fictional land and the fucking hulk?

Well according to the fuck nuts down at the LGBTQ they took time to make hulk dick jokes and other “heterosexual humor” so they should have given the gay community equal time……..

Let that all sink in.

What I get out of this statement is that a standard dick joke, which I mean, come on, we all fucking wonder if the big green guy gets a little green guy, don’t fucking lie, is indicative of heterosexual dominance? Are you absolutely fucking brain dead? 

What these brain dead dick wads wanted, was a scene that was filmed and eventually cut from the film. In this scene Valkyrie is seen half naked, lying in bed, with a woman getting dressed and leaving her chambers. Valkyrie does nothing but beat whole sale ass this entire movie, and you wanted them to take a step back from the female lead they had created to show her as a sexual entity with a woman, all for the sake of making sure you didn’t get butt hurt. Yes, pun fucking intended. BUTT HURT. It’s a butt sex joke. Because they have butt sex.


This is a prime example of why we will never have full equal rights.

Women for years both gay and straight alike have been begging for a female character in a marvel movie, or any movie, that isn’t a dick drunk moron, or harping shrew, fuck I think even men have wanted this, I know I have. We all finally get it, we get a female character who is spanking mother fuckers like an unruly child in Walmart, but it isn’t good enough, someone got left out and now, instead of focusing on the positive steps forward this movie took, we have to hear about some BUTT HURT, whiny, group because they didn’t spotlight her sexuality. 

Anytime someone takes a step forward in the name of equality it will always be met with this type of envious, self-centered behavior, for the simple reason that when one steps forward it leaves the rest a step behind. Now I realize that you may perceive this as the problem, but you would be wrong. The problem is the attitude surrounding being a step behind, instead of finding a new way to take a step forward and meet the others, people feel the need to try and pull everyone else back behind them, by over analyzing what step was taken and poking holes in it so that they can steal the spot light. So long as this trend continues, we will never be able to realize full equal rights. 
Let me wrap this up for you kids,

The lesson here is one that every child learns at a very early age, sometimes people will do something great and it could make you feel a little jealous or a little envious, but instead of being angry with that person (s?) and tearing them down, try lifting them up. Celebrate what they have done so that when you achieve greatness you too will be uplifted. 

In short, don’t be a fucking cock hammer to people because you can’t get your shit together.
Didn’t like the new Thor? Think I’m way off base about Valkyrie? Are you a bisexual bandit? 

Tell it to the fucking turtle below, he’s got some butt cream for you.


3 thoughts on “Thor: Droppin the Hammer for Both Teams!

  1. Obvi Valkarie is absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. Nothing says girl power like a girl that whoops ass like she’s wiping down a table. Her sexuality is a non-fucking-issue and all those crybabies need to fucking grow up.
    P.S. I love this blog 😆

    Liked by 1 person

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