Me Too!

Oh boy kids, you have out done yourselves this time. I can’t watch the news, go on Facebook, or check my email, without having to hear about another case of “Me Too.” Don’t worry though, as always, The Turtle is here to help you out and guide you through your shit addled life, and hopefully when the tears have dried, and you’ve stopped vomiting, you’ll have gained some clarity. Strap in kids, we are about to get all kinds of touchy feely today!

“Who are the “Me-Too” people T.T.?”

Handsome question reader, allow me to explain.

The “Me-Too” people, are a lot like mole people, in the sense that they have lived underground for years and want nothing more than to destroy the surface dwellers. This, of course, is all about the stream of people that have joined in the sexual harassment accusations that have been everywhere you look lately. George Takei, Kevin Spacey, Tom Sizemore, the list goes on. The underground goblins of the internet have risen and dragged a slew of people back down with them. My question here, when is enough, enough?
I want to be very clear here for a minute. I do NOT in any way, shape, or form, condone the actions of people who are guilty of abusing power, status, or finance to force themselves on another human being. There is a special place in hell for people like this.
However, it seems now, due process and innocent until proven guilty are thrown out the window. One accusation gets tossed out there and the public at large crucifies the accused. It is a literal witch hunt. No one is interested in facts, no one is interested in whether what is being said is honest or not, all people want is to watch someone burn. The way our justice system works, is the accused will go before a jury of their peers and will be judged on the facts of the case at hand. This has not occurred, yet here you all sit destroying somebody’s life and reputation out of sheer boredom.
Now I know, the statue of limitations has been exceeded on most of these cases and that it is about taking down a corrupt Hollywood that objectifies women and allows horrendous acts like this to take place, yadda yadda, blah blah, shut up.
Let’s take a quick peek at some of these allegations and see if we can find a common denominator.

Most, if not all, of these allegations are from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. These “Stars” have begun to fade and need a way to cling to that spotlight for just five more minutes. Enter, Harvey Weinstein, hold back your gasps and hear me out. Harvey Weinstein, is a villain, you will hear no argument about that from The Turtle. What he did though, is open the flood gates for stars to step forward and say, “Me Too!”
The common thread here, is that these actresses are twenty years too late. They in fact are just as villainous as the men who perpetrate these heinous acts. They were sexually harassed or assaulted and they kept their mouths shut. They stayed quiet to further their careers and to collect huge checks for silence. Now, they want to play victim? Absolutely not. You knew what these men did, and you allowed it to happen to women after you because of your own self-interest, you gave up your right to step forward, when you didn’t step forward.
Now, look at the time in which these acts took place. Ten, twenty, thirty years ago. A time when cocaine fueled everyone, free love ran rampant, and cigarettes were served with every meal. This wasn’t exactly the age of enlightenment folks. This does not excuse what happened by any means, but to say that things are the same is an over statement. The only thing that remains the same is people are greedy, dirty, bastards.
One last point, before I wrap this up kids. An actress by the name of, Mayim Bialik, you might know her from the big bang theory, wrote an opinion piece on why she thinks some of these women were targeted. In her article Mayim explains that most women who go for a casting call, dress provocatively and act flirtatious. Naturally the men they go before, take this as a signal that they are interested in them, and they attempt to act on that signal. Now, before you go screaming about slut shaming or barking about how they asked for it, I want you to try and remember your last job interview. How did you dress? How did you behave? I promise, you did not show up in your stained sweat pants talking about how you love playing halo with your dick out. Now ask yourself, why didn’t you do those things? Simple, you would not have gotten the job. You had to dress in a way that the person interviewing you would react positively to. This same logic is applied here, if you don’t want men in a position of power to try and abuse it, do not show up dressed like you’re at a porn shoot. How you dress and how you behave will directly impact how people approach you and how they treat you thereafter. Mayim, made these points in her article, while directly referencing incidents that she came across during her career. She, was absolutely roasted by the public, torn to absolute shreds because she did not agree with the “I’m the victim. I bear no blame” mentality.
Here’s the wrap up kids, you want respect and to not be objectified? Then act like you do. I’m not excusing any person that takes advantage of another, I will not give any reason for these people to think its ok, however, you cannot stand there on your soap box and say you bear no blame. You kept quiet, you took money over justice, a career over someone else’s and your own well being, thereby allowing it to go on. Your actions, played a large roll in how you were approached. The way you dressed and the way you behave told these people that it was ok to treat you like garbage, and when they did, you allowed it to continue. The people proven guilty of these accusations will burn in hell, The Turtle will be right beside them stoking the fires, but until that day remember that taking words at face value is a dangerous way to be. All the roads to hell are paved with good intentions.
Got a problem with me “Slut shaming?” Think I’m defending tit ticklers? Grope your keyboard and tell it to The fucking Turtle below.


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