Hadley Freeman.

Ok kids, T.T. is going to get a little weird on you here. I’m leaving the foul language, the shock, the awe, and all the general disgusting satire the you usually find here, on the side lines.

You read that right, T.T. is walking the straight and narrow for this one. Why? Well kids, uncle T.T. read something this morning that struck me as so utterly insane that I thought it warranted a respectable article.

“What T.T.? what could possible be so crazy and insulting that you are refusing to drop those lovable curses and tear into society like a lion into a gazelle?” 

Well kids, buckle up uncle T.T. is going to explain it all.


Name ring a bell? It should. Hadley Freeman is a journalist over at the Guardian , she specializes in feminist articles, more specifically, she writes man hate articles that suggest all men should be kept in the home and not allowed to work or participate in society as a whole. Now before I dive into the trenches and really expose the ridiculousness of Ms. Freeman, I have to give credit where credit is due.

So Ms. Freeman, I salute your ability to take complete and utter nonsense and spin it into viewers, readers, and click bait. 

That being said, to your latest article, “ The evidence is mounting – a mans place is at home.” I have one very simple question……WHAT?!

This article is you using woman who have suffered through real sexual harassment to further your own man hating agenda, in what universe does this make you better than the predators you’re writing about?

The answer;it doesn’t.

Ms. Freeman claims herself to be a champion of women’s rights, equality, and eliminating gender binary stereotypes.

Yet in this article not only do you trample on the rights of other human beings and make a call for complete inequality, but you stereotype a entire gender based on the actions of the few.

In one simple article, you go against everything you claim to stand for.

I want everyone here to sit for a moment and think about this scenario,

You are sitting down enjoying your morning, you open up your respective electronic device and as you scroll around the web you come across an article written by a man that calls for all women to be kept in the house, that they are too emotional or too fragile to be allowed into society. Go ahead really let that rage settle in, feel outraged? You should!

That would be the pinnacle of sexism, it would be, even by the turtles lowly standards, deplorable on every level. So why then is it ok for this woman to write an article on the opposite end?

It isn’t. 

Now I know what your thinking, “T.T. aren’t you doing the same thing by attacking Ms. Freeman for her opinions?” What a handsome question reader!

Yes, yes I am. I’m attacking someone for the opinions they have. I am blatantly going after her because I find her opinions the be gross and ill fitting to my own. 

“So then why is it ok T.T. for you to do it?” 

Well kids, because my opinion, my attack, my disgust with this woman and all she stands for, is in the name of actual equality. Nowhere in this article do I claim that men are better than women or vice versa. I do not claim that all women are horrible man hating hypocrites based on the actions of one horrible hypocrite  or even a group of horrible hypocrites. 

I claim that all women and men are equal and capable of making drastically stupid mistakes.
So let the turtle clear some things up. I do not hate woman or feminists, I hate hypocrisy. I hate the overly P.C. nature of today that causes people to trample everyone else’s rights in order to further their own agenda. Ms. Freeman has attempted to take a gigantic step back for humanity as a whole with her call to arms for woman to force men into the homestead and not be allowed to go anywhere. 

Ms. Freeman has shown that the feminist agenda is nothing more than a bunch of bullies threatening to beat up any who dare oppose them. 

There is no wrap up here today, no cute little quip to cap off the article, no insulting remarks that encourage you to leave comments.

Today, The Turtle is just going to quietly sign off. 

I’m not mad at you Ms. Freeman, I’m just very disappointed in you.



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