The Naked Truth, The Night Nurse

 Marvel fans would be excited to see this post as it could reference an almost unknown superhero by the same name, however, today The Truth starts with a fellow internet shitstorm starter, Taiyesha Baker. Taiyesha, who’s name is annoyingly difficult to remember so forthgoing we shall refer to her as Yesh, is a victim of having a big mouth in a society where unpopular opinions aren’t allowed.   

Now to clarify, I dont agree with Yesh, she seems like an idiot and an asshole wrapped up in a burrito of douchebaggery, just dripping with extra ignorance. That said, she made unpopular comments regarding white kids, boys in particular, being raised to be pschyopaths of varying types, and thats wherein the news drops it. Popular news doesn’t bring up the reasoning behind her rants, it doesn’t focus its light on WHY she would say such stupid shit and it really doesn’t do the issue more justice than any two paragraphs repeating the same noise four times ever really could.  Beyond that  what  she said is really beside the point. The truth I drop upon you now is that her termination was wrong.  


Here’s the problem, according to what little is printed, Yesh made an expression of her self and probably one out of anger. She said some vile shit. What she didn’t do is actually target the work place or really rope it in. She is mainly guilty of being too openly honest about her thought process. In reality, the truth of the issue isn’t in this one person but in the cascade of bullshit we as a society seem to be tossing about unchecked onto our employees, our entertainers, and ourselves. This whole overbearing wave of politically correct dishonest because it’s the cool hip thing to do bullshit is overtaking us and weakening our society as a whole. This all makes it so hard to take anything said or done as genuine and honest. It would seem we have to filter so much  harder through the societally required politesse that coats everything because at this point we are required to dip every action, every comment and every choice in that sweet ignorant PC bull, like a chocolate coating for the prunes of society. 
So the question is raised where is the line when it comes to opinions, when it comes to social media and when it comes to expression of self? Should companies really be monitoring their employees to the degree they dismiss them or avoid hiring them all together for being honest with the way they feel? If so, should it be clarified in their employment from the beginning? Is it really believable that everyone in any given company is so squeaky clean and on par with the company image? I dare say not. 


Yesterday’s trend seemed to be shutting down all  social media when in the process of making a career move, but today companies may actively avoid hiring based on a lack of social media to snoop. Various articles highlight the reasoning for companies to avoid hiring individuals with little or no online presence, one of the more notable being a piece by employee to employer dating site, wherein they explain that being inactive or non existent could cost you an employment opportunity. Thats right, not only can you lose out on a job because they didn’t like what you had to say on Facebook, you could end up not getting that dream position at The Waffle House because you don’t actually have a Facebook. Some of the reasoning behind this is that an individual is either hiding something or boring. 
So we are left with a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of setting, wherein if you have a Facebook and display any true personality whatsoever it could affect you negatively and if you just opt for privacy it could still be a setback. 
I draw an issue with all of this and beyond it straight to fact that my personal opinion, especially when not involved in or at the workplace, shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever. Its one thing if Yesh can’t be trusted to administer care to differing individuals because of former practices, i.e. her behavior towards patients of any particuliar group, but to dismantle this trolls career off the idea she has shitty opinions in regards to a group is preemptive at best. 

At this point, we as a society seem to be hellbent on keeping everyone as fake to the face as possible. We are in such a rush to appear cohesive and together, to seem as though we are a society of individuals who want to be together that we will gladly take just appearing to be that with a little effort over actually being that way and putting forth a hell of a lot more. In the end the sad truth of this story is that no one even wants to know why the fuck this woman thinks these things.   


-The Naked Truth 



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