Long has the war between man and woman raged. More bloody and violent than any of you are currently aware of. The Turtle has begun to chronicle these tales of conflict and is here to share all he’s learned. Welcome, to The Secret Wars.

The High Council of man: A collective of the brightest and most testosterone drive men on the planet. Long has the Council existed to ensure the best interest of its brothers. Serving to keep the diabolical deeds of matriarchs at bay, they fight a silent battle, in the shadows they live, until now.

The Coven Of Women: The Coven has long been the foe of The High Council, seeking to disrupt patriarchal tyranny, and protect their fellow woman. They have battled for centuries to ensure that women everywhere have an equal place in this world alongside man. Quick, cunning, elusive, and deadly.

Join us every week as we tell you tales of the greatest conflicts of the past, present, and future.